Campaign Kick-off!

Lynne announced her candidacy to a crowd of more than 150 education, labor, social justice and LGBT community activists at Lincoln High School, in the heart of the 43rd Legislative District.

"From our neighborhood schools, to the University of Washington, to Seattle Central Community College, to the Maritime Training Institute, the 43rd District is impacted at every level by our state's failure to adequately fund public education," said Lynne.

"I am running for State Representative because we need more teachers directly involved in policy and decision making to help create a seamless and strong pre-K through higher-ed public education system in our state."

State Representative and Majority Whip Sharon Tomiko Santos, a member of the House Education Committee, introduced Dodson to the crowd.

"As a Representative working to meet our state's challenges, I know and respect Lynne Dodson as a leader who brings people together and gets things done," said Tomiko Santos. "I know Lynne will bring the expertise, energy and effectiveness we need in the State House to support education and strengthen our public schools."


Video of Lynne's speech!

Missed the event? You can still see and hear Lynne--
Here's video of Lynne's kick-off speech, in either Windows Media Player, or in QuickTime format.

(Special thanks to Jim Wehmeyer for video production!)

More from the kick-off photo album...

Debbie Carlsen, Campaign Manager
and Kick-off M.C.

Sen. Adam Kline chatting with Lynne
Mercedes Nicole,
jazz vocalist for the evening

And here (by popular demand!) are the words to the spirited group song from the evening-- (to the tune of "John Brown's Body"/"Battle Hymn of the Republic"/"Solidarity Forever", lyrics by Richard Burton)

When we all join in together, we will win and have some fun
For united we are stronger than the feeble strength of one
We'll tell our friends,
      we'll build our ranks,
            we won't stop 'til we're done
'Cause we're here for Lynne to Win!


All the way with Lynne to Win!
We'll keep fighting to vote Lynne in
We are only just beginnin'
'Cause we're here for Lynne to Win!

Repeat Chorus!

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