Meet Lynne Dodson!


Lynne teaching

As President of the American Federation of Teachers Local 1789, Lynne has quadrupled the active membership and successfully lobbied the State for pay equity, domestic partner benefits, non-discrimination laws and funding for public education.


Lynne working with Jobs with Justice

As Co-Chair of Washington State Jobs with Justice, Lynne brought labor, environmental, LGBT, faith and student organizations together to stand for social and economic justice in our community, on the picket lines and at the State Capitol.


Lynne campaigning

As a Democratic Precinct Committee Officer and active member of the 43rd District Democrats, Lynne has worked hard to elect Democratic candidates, pass progressive ballot measures and lead our Party forward.


Lynne with her children

Above all, Lynne is a passionate activist, teacher and mother (of two Seattle public school graduates). She lives by her principles and leads by example.

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